22 WMR – 40 Grain TMJ – CCI Maxi-Mag – 500 Rounds


Quantity – 50 rounds per box; 10 boxes per bundle
Manufacturer – CCI
Bullets – 40 grain total metal jacket (TMJ)
Casings – Rimfire-primed brass


This ammo’s clean, Gene! CCI’s Maxi-Mag label 22 WMR ammunition features not a full metal jacket, but a total metal jacket bullet. That’s going to keep your firearm more accurate in the long run – not to mention prevent a lot of lead vapor from finding its way to your lungs.

This round’s TMJ begins as a lead core, which is subsequently enveloped in a pure layer of copper. In simple terms, hot propellant gasses cannot access the TMJ’s core, so they can not melt lead onto the rifling or turn it into airborne particles.

CCI’s certainly going to treat you to the 22 WMR’s signature high velocity. This cartridge’s 1,875 fps muzzle velocity gives its 40 grain bullet a G1 ballistic coefficient of 0.127. Should stay faster than 1,300 fps at 100 yards, no sweat!

CCI is widely regarded as one of the greatest rimfire ammo producers of all time. The Idahoan company’s sure-fire primer certainly contributes to this reputation, as do their fine brass cases and clean-burning propellant.

Manufacturer CCI
Condition New
Bullet Weight 40 Grain
Bullet Type Total Metal Jacket (TMJ)
Ammo Casing Brass
Quantity 500
Ammo Caliber .22 Magnum (WMR)
Manufacturer SKU 0023
Primer Type Rimfire
Muzzle Velocity (fps) 1875
Muzzle Energy (ft lbs) 312
Attracts Magnet No
Cost Per Round 42.0¢ per round


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