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America’s number one economy-priced 12 gauge target powder. Promo has the same burn speed as Red Dot, but is more dense, thus requiring a smaller bushing to obtain the same charge weight.


Alliant Powder promo for sale online

A centennial of production experience of the alliant powder promo 8lbs and the most sophisticated quality control processes in the industry support each container of Alliant Smokeless Powder. A ballistics lab continuously examines and tests chemical composition, grain form, size and overall density to ensure consistency.

The most affordable 12 gauge target powder in the United States. Promo burns at the same rate as Red Dot, but is denser, necessitating a smaller bushing to get the same charge weight.


America’s number one economy-priced 12 gauge target powder. Alliant powder Promo has the same burn speed as Red Dot, but is more dense, thus requiring a smaller bushing to obtain the same charge weight.

– Budget priced
– Economical trapskeet and sporting clay loads
– Easy metering and consistent charging

Principal Purpose: Light and standard 12 ga target loads.
Secondary Uses: Handgun loads

Reliable performance shot after shot. Standard charge weights work great.

Offered by alliant promo 8 lb ( for sale buy now ) has the same burn speed as Red Dot, but is more dense, thus requiring a smaller bushing to obtain the same charge weight. It meters easily and charges consistently. Ideal for use in 12 gauge loads, but can also be used in some handgun loads.

16 reviews for Alliant powder promo 8lbs

  1. Charly

    First time to order online and was with these guys I think they are the best so far cause I’ve been burnt by so many and had doubts but cleared my doubts

  2. Ben

    At first I doubted the if it would touch down but when I received I was overwhelmed

  3. Giroud

    These guys are good I mean so good thank you

  4. Mark

    Thanks for this makes a lot of sense

  5. Billy


  6. Brian

    Doing business with them was actually the right choice I made so far this year

  7. Teressa

    I love you guys

  8. Guero

    Keep doing the good work I received my package as wanted

  9. Richard

    My package was received with a bonus as you promised thank you guys a lot

  10. Emilia

    World best

  11. Queen

    I was online oooking for a trusted place to get a suprise for my husband who loves hunting on a good day I found this website thank you 😊

  12. marthin king

    Just started using promo for 1 oz trap loads. Started off using 18 grains for 16 yard trap, seems to work as good as the 700 X that I have been using but haven’t tried any other loads so far.

  13. jude

    Alliant Promo is like the dirty little secret of reloading. Alliant doesn’t give much load data for it & it only comes in 8# kegs. It is also screaming cheap in an era when SURPLUS powder is almost as expensive as canister. I’m told that Promo is the result of Alliant’s QC testing and as such each batch/lot of Promo needs to have loads worked up as if it were a new powder to make sure your loads are still good.

  14. mendoza

    This is almost the same as Red Dot powder without the Red Dot. It’s loaded charge weight for charge weight the same as Red Dot. The volume can be very slightly different. I find it much cheaper than Red Dot and just as versatile. I load 12ga, 20ga, 38, snubby 357 loads, 9mm, 380, 45 acp, 45 Colt and others all with Red Dot/promo with excellent results.

  15. jermenez

    best in all terms i rate you guys 10

  16. idiala campo

    I use this powder in my 12 ga. trap loads for the 16 yard line and it is affordable and works well the only bad thing is every keg weighs different and has to be weighed to make sure you have the right charge weight.

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